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ZIP-DANG is a little shop on Monroe Street in Madison Wisconsin. 

The shop is owned by husband-wife team Natalie & Mike Bass,
We're independent artists & collectors of assorted old things.

Zip-Dang is a space where all of the things we love
come together and have a good time.

After traveling to art shows across the country for six years selling
Natalie’s clothing line, ORANGYPORANGY, we've settled in to having a shop.

We're focused on having a shop that people love to walk into, and  feel
good about supporting. B
ecause our business is small, we can make smart
decisons. Like choosing to recycle, upcycle and incorporate eco-friendly matierials
into the work we create and into our shop environment.

We've also chosen to sell products that are made right here in the USA, by us or by
other independent artists. We buy our materials in the US or from socially resposible
companies that believe in Fair Wage and Fair Labor.

We are continuously evolving, at the moment we're expanding our production capabilities
and looking forward to being able to bring more of our ideas to life in the coming year!

A nice selection of what the shop has to offer is available online here,
and new products are added frequently.

How'd we come up with the name?
Mike picked up this expression from his dad Jim Bass,

who would frequently use it after tasting or seeing something extraordinary.









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